Hungarians are especially passionate about their meat stews, casseroles, steaks, roasted pork, beef, poultry, lamb and game. The mixing of different varieties of meats is a traditional feature of Hungarian cuisine. Goulash, stuffed peppers, stuffed cabbage, and Fatanyeros (Hungarian mixed grill on a wooden platter) are all dishes that can combine beef and pork, and sometimes mutton. Goulash is a stew with a robust savory gravy type sauce by using meat with bones, paprika, caraway, vegetables (typically carrots and parsley root) and potatoes or various tiny dumplings or pasta simmered with the meat. In old fashioned dishes, fruits like plums and apricots are cooked with meat or in piquant sauces/stuffings for game. Various kinds of noodles and dumplings, potatoes, and rice are commonly served as a side dish. Hungarian sausages  and winter salami are a major part of Hungarian cuisine.