BBQ Wizard


BBQ Wizard

I’ve been making BBQs ever since….

Hmmm, Since I was “knee-high to a grasshopper” so to speak. I’ve done BBQ in the summer, winter, spring and autumn. I’ve had the grill on for breakfast-lunch-dinner many times…Done it in the snow…Done it at minus 25C. I even sat on a small rock in the sea one time and I set my BBQ amongst the waves and lit it. I cooked up a storm, I tell you! My fascination and Passion for BBQ is difficult to put into words. I’m sure among my BBQ recipes you will find the classic marinades and rubs etc, however sometimes as I get a bit creative on the grill so you will also find some new ideas too. There are some ideas that kind of break away from the norm.

Nevertheless my BBQ buddies I hope you find some new tastes that satisfy and I trust that next time you spark up I will be there (in spirit).

Happy BBQ-ing!